stephanie j ward relationship coach



stephanie j ward relationship coach



Welcome, my name is Stephanie. I am a psychotherapist specialising in childhood trauma and helping women to heal their hearts after toxic relationships.

Through understanding our childhoods, we can gain clarity and understanding on the decisions we have made in love that lead us into the wrong relationships. Even worse, kept us there, longer than we should have stayed. We must understand why we have been unconsciously seeking love in the wrong places, and start to create emotional security and availability for ourselves. All healthy relationships start from this point.

Does this sound like you in your relationships and dating life?


  •  Putting your own needs last, overperforming, over-functioning and people pleasing in order to secure love, attention and affection. Hoping that you will be "chosen".

  • Are you worried that everyone around you is finding love, and it feels like you will never find someone to build a life or a family with?

  • Falling in love with emotionally unavailable partners, commitment phobes, men with open ended situations with their exes.


  • Shutting down your feelings in order to protect yourself. Acting like you are fine with casual relationships/ friends with benefits.


  • Allowing Narcissists and emotionally unavailable men to only give you their time when it suits them. Or keeping one foot in the door with you. Men who don't know what they want (or who they want)


  • Feeling unappreciated in a relationship where you are the man and the woman. Cooking, cleaning and paying the bills trying to be "perfect".

  • Using sex to develop and maintain a connection with men. Going above and beyond physically to be their fantasy, because in those moments you feel loved and desired.

It is time to start putting yourself first, and healing the parts of you that have kept you searching for love in the wrong places over and over again.


I know you want love, passion, companionship, and to build an amazing future with the love of your life. So stop trying to create this with people who make you feel like you are expecting too much, or like you are difficult to love. The right man won't find his way to you unless you create the healthy space for him, and let go of the things that are not for you.

This journey starts by creating a loving relationship with yourself today.

Love and healing