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Do you wonder how you went from being so deeply in love, writing down your future plans, to being alone? With no one to connect the dots for you? The after effects of a break-up, or divorce, can be soul crushing. I know because I have lived it.


My coaching career began after I made the decision to use my pain and my experience to uplift and support other women.


3 years ago I made the decision to leave my own toxic relationship. I was very much still in love with my partner, but the circumstances I was living under, were destroying me, mentally, physically and emotionally. What made my decision to leave even harder ; I had given up my career in law and had become completely financially dependent on him.


Back in those first moments of our separation, I wasn’t sure how, but I just knew I wanted to devote myself to reclaiming my life, my independence, and my self esteem. After giving everything I had to this 10 year relationship, that brought me nothing but pain, insecurities, anxiety, and caused a complete loss of identity, I was at rock bottom. 


I knew that love shouldn’t be painful, love doesn’t make you question your appearance, love should never feel lonely. And with our beautiful daughter Skye born in the middle of this, I didn’t have a choice but to choose better, if only for her.


After an intense public battle with my ex, out in the world, broken, with a 4 year old daughter to raise, it suddenly dawned on me.


When you experience hurt, trauma, heartbreak, where do you turn? And what if there are children involved? Who will be there to help you to co parent? All I wanted in that moment was to speak with someone, anyone, who had experienced what I had, who had lived a similar path, and survived! To know that there was hope for me. 


Of course, there are tonnes of magazines you can read, thousands of quotes online that you can store in your phone that you heavily relate to. But what about someone who will take that self love journey with you? Women do have the option of therapy, but can you really heal a person from a text book? I wanted MY LIFE back, I wanted to be back in the driving seat. 


And so I became that person for other women. After qualifying in my personal performance and life coaching diploma, Neurolinguistic programming and Emotional freedom techniques, I finally had the tools under my belt that had worked for me, that I was able to share in order to support others in their personal journey.


Right now I am living my dream life, I live in abundance, and self acceptance every single day. I have the compassion to encourage growth and help women to get back to a position of strength and independence. I have lived the journey that my clients are facing, and being able to identify with their feelings and relate to them is part of the reason I do what I do, and do it so well.  I know what I needed in order to heal after I was broken, and with understanding and implementing my coaching and healing methods, I am able to bring clients back to a place of freedom and self-love.